Intermediate Level 2-Day Course

This is an intermediate level course held over 2 days and gives you the chance to work with and be taught by our expert glassmakers James Adlington or David Barry.

James Adlington and David Barry of Bristol Blue Glass


You will be taught the art of:

  • Gathering for stem ware
  • Preparation, including use of Marver blocks and paper
  • Bubble control - various methods for shape and styles
  • Bit taking (centring and shaping - both stem and foot)
  • Stem shaping and pulling
  • The "Foot Spinning" technique
  • Pontil and opening
  • Drinking glass design and function
  • Bit gathering and delivery
  • How to calliper in order to make sets.

As a requirement for this course you are expected to have a reasonable foundation in the basic skills of glassmaking. We provide all the necessary tools that you will need for the duration of the course but you are welcome to bring your own tools if you prefer.

Foot boards can be purchased to take away and you will also be shown how to make them for yourselves. A notebook is required for this course as you will want to take plenty of notes of everything that you will learn throughout the two days. 

This is a very rare and fantastic opportunity to learn glassmaking skills from the very finest craftsmen. BOOK NOW and take your glassmaking to the next level!

The all-inclusive cost is £750. To book a place for yourself on this course please call us on 0117 972 0818.

PS: If you have no experience in glassmaking but would like to learn then we suggest you enrol in one of our beginners' glassmaking courses.

Intermediate glassmaking course and Bristol Blue Glass