Bristol Blue Glass – Values and Musings 2019

1. Clarity and openness in communications - We take personal responsibility for our communications, work and behaviour. We are respectful, accountable, reliable, honest and impeccable with our word. We tell the truth or at the very least - we don't lie.

2. Good business should be a pleasure - we practice kindness and fairness. All transactions are expected to be on a win/win basis. We treat others as we expect to be treated and are unlikely to entertain repeat custom or seek business with those who can not respect this. Be kind - and if you can't manage that at least do no harm. This is the DBAD rule.

3. We are perfectly Imperfect, just like our products. We believe in progress rather than perfection. We strive to do our best, be our best and see problems and an opportunity to think creatively grow and develop. We know that obstacles and delays are merely challenges and that these allow us to develop stronger new skills and methods of approach.

4. We practice unity as a company and with each other as colleagues. We support each other and have each others backs. This philosophy, when sincerely practiced by all, naturally extends outwards. We will go the extra mile for our customers, suppliers, Visitors and colleagues and enjoy the rare view while we do.

5. We practice Continual Growth and Development. We are responsible for our own conscious evolution. As a company, professionally, creatively and personally. Growth and personal and artistic development are essential for our happy lives. Can we do better? Are we happy? Do we have better ideas? Let's do it. We bring our full selves to work and with relentless optimism. We make our own futures.

6. We work hard and do our best and try to pursue what is meaningful. We strive to be the change we want to see in the world. How are we living? We want it to be with humour and joy. The only life worth living is the one happening right now. Every moment here is a sacred act of creation from the heart of the Hot Shop to the administrative necessaries of the office. We know that dreams don't work unless we do.

7. This company is a is a reflection of our combined energies. We do not let negative people or situations poison our atmosphere here. We show respect to our environment. We are not wasteful with either our time or resources, or those of others.

OUR MISSION - To create outstandingly beautiful, unique products and experiences delivered With amazing customer service. To have a joyful, life affirming time whilst doing it. Our Vision - To restore Bristol as an international Centre of Glassmaking excellence. To ignite a love for the art of hot glass in all who encounter us. To inspire a passion for living a creative, presently focused life.