Please note

All of our glass is handmade using traditional techniques, no moulds or machines are used at any point during the process. As a result of this there will always be very slight variations from piece to piece, but that makes every piece completely individual.

The image showing this product is a photo of a piece that has been made before and is an accurate reflection of the finished item that you will receive. Please do bear in mind that colours can sometimes vary ever so slightly when looking at the image on different screens, for example on a PC, tablet or mobile, which can all have marginally-different screen calibrations. As a result we cannot guarantee that the colour will 100% match the colour you see on the screen, but we CAN 100% guarantee that you will love this product.

Why Bristol Blue Glass?

Well, here are some very good reasons...

No moulds. No mass production. No short-cuts. No rivals. 

Expertly-made products, with love, care and attention. 

Glassmakers in the hot shop

Every product is made entirely by hand.

You place your order and it's made just for you. Then it's shipped to your door.

Bristol blue glass being made in our factory

Every piece is as unique as you.

The products are made by highly-skilled glassmakers, creating the finest glassworks using basic hand tools and traditional techniques to shape and craft each item. As a result, every item is unique and one of a kind.


No moulds are used to create any of our glassworks.

Every glassware product you see on this website is sculpted by hand. The same traditional techniques are used as they have been for hundreds of years.


Glass products of the highest quality.

It's time for you to fall in love with Bristol blue glass and coloured glassware.

Bring luxury to your space

Make a space in your home for some exquisite glass.

Bristol Blue Glass collection 


On this website you can buy some very desirable glass jewellery too. Blue glass jewellery and coloured glass jewellery will make wonderful additions to your collection.

Dichroic glass jewellery