Our Staff

Jim Adlington - Director & Glassmaker at Bristol Blue Glass

James "Jim" Adlington

Director & Glassmaker

Jim started Bristol Blue Glass in 1988 with glass artist Peter Sinclair. Jim is a multi-disciplinary artist, glass being his chosen medium. He has wide experience in both hot and cold glassmaking and has travelled extensively to further his knowledge of glass and its use as an artistic material.

Alex Wildig - Glassmaker at Bristol Blue Glass

Alex Wildig


Alex has been working with us for several years and came reluctantly to glass as it runs in his family. Despite stating as a teenager that he 'will never even set foot' in a glass studio, here he is and he has quickly taken to the art of sculpted glass, or the "Masello" technique. He is looking to develop his talents in this area and work abroad. You can take the boy out of the glass studio etc...

Alice Wilde - Jewellery Maker at Bristol Blue Glass

Alice Wilde

Jewellery Maker

Alice has been with us since 2016. Before joining us she did a degree in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture. Alice trained with us in lampworking and kiln-fusing glass and makes our memorial jewellery range, which she finds very fulfilling. Alice enjoys working with colour and experimenting with shape.

Gemma Collins - Gallery Host at Bristol Blue Glass

Gemma Collins

Gallery Host

Gemma has been working with us for over 4 years and you will find her on the shop floor on a Saturday. Her duties involve meeting and greeting the public and helping customers choose the perfect gift for their special occasion. Gemma loves to travel. She has explored many places in Asia, America and Australasia. She is hoping to travel around South America in the near future.

David Barry - Glassmaker at Bristol Blue Glass

David Barry


Dave is the Hot Floor Manager and has been with us for ten years. Dave is a dedicated glassmaker and is truly in love with his material and travels extensively to further his glass knowledge. Dave developed his skills making our range of glass. He originally specialised in sculptural work but is now happiest experimenting with Venetian Blown Stemware techniques.

Beci Whatley - Gallery Host at Bristol Blue Glass

Beci Whatley

Gallery Host

Accomplished artist Beci is Gallery Host at our high street location in the centre of Bristol. She is pictured in front of one of her stunning canvases.

Ben Samuel - Gallery Host & Visual Merchandiser at Bristol Blue Glass

Ben Samuel

Gallery Host & Visual Merchandiser

Ben has been with Bristol Blue Glass since 2014 and started his time with us on our Christmas market stand. He made such an impression that he was taken on to work in our high street shop. Ben quickly won over everyone at Bristol Blue Glass with his talent and warm heart and is now head of Visual Merchandising and Gallery Host at our Bath Road Studio/Shop and headquarters. Ben is front of house at our Bath Road store, Wednesday to Sunday.

Ty Sheppard - Glassmakers' Assistant at Bristol Blue Glass

Ty Sheppard

Glassmakers' Assistant

Ty is about half way through his training. On finishing his training he plans to travel the world making glass. He has a passion for teaching people about this ancient craft and loves working with the public, giving talks and demonstrations.

Amber Starrs - Jewellery Maker at Bristol Blue Glass

Amber Starrs

Jewellery Maker

Amber studied Illustration at degree level, specialising in Stopmotion and puppetry making. Amber has trained with us in lamp working, fused glass and stained glass. She makes our jewellery range as well as one-off pieces. She hopes to keep learning and improving her skills further with glass and experiment with combining the medium with other materials.

van Milosevic - Assistant Manager & Assistant Glassmaker at Bristol Blue Glass

Ivan Milosevic

Assistant Manager & Assistant Glassmaker

You may find Ivan at our shop in the centre of town (just on the outskirts of St Nicholas Market). As well as being a friendly face to our customers Ivan is a talented mosaic artist. Ivan is also developing his skills in glass and works as a glassmakers' assistant in our studio. His beautiful mosaic Bristol Blue Glass sign graces the window display at our Bath Road store.

Nick Heal - Engraver at Bristol Blue Glass

Nick Heal


Nick has been with Bristol Blue Glass for fourteen years now and is an integral part of the team. Nick does all our engraving, from wishing someone a 'happy retirement' through to huge, nationally-recognised awards. His talents do not stop with his skills for engraving, however. He also screen prints and is a critically-acclaimed musician with his band, "Nicholson Heal".


Oliver "Obby" Edwards

Glassmakers' Assistant

Obby graces our hot shop on a Saturday and is a glassmakers' assistant and builder of workshop equipment. He is also the proprietor of "Hot Puff Mobile Glass Studio", a DJ and an overall multi-talented individual extraordinaire.

Sharon Crapanzano - Marketing, Promotions and Customer Care Manager at Bristol Blue Glass

Sharon Crapanzano

Marketing, Promotions and Customer Care Manager

Sharon has been with Bristol Blue Glass since 2012 and came to us after working for over 20 years in a very different field. She was formerly in events management, working for the World Professional Snooker Governing Body (WPBSA). Sharon arranged all world ranking snooker events and was lucky enough to work with all the top snooker players, travel with them overseas and attend UK events. She then went on to work in Rugby League for 5 years. Sharon handles our marketing, promotions and event management.

Tara Sheppard - Customer Care Operative at Bristol Blue Glass

Tara Sheppard

Customer Care Operative

Tara has been working with Bristol Blue Glass since June 2018. On a day-to-day basis she manages the Dispatch Area by helping with telephone calls, welcoming customers and replying to emails. Tara is the communication axis between the studio and the rest of the world and ensures the studio runs smoothly.

Brenda Mounty - Accounts manager at Bristol Blue Glass

Brenda Mounty


Our account exec extraordinaire, Brenda makes sure everything runs smoothly from a financial perspective. In her down time she is a committed parent and grandparent and throws a mean party!